Content Strategy

“Content Strategy helps you understand not only WHAT content needs to be       created, but WHY”.                                                                                                                                     – Kristina Halvorson.                                                                                                    (Author, Content Strategy for the Web)

 I firmly believe that production paired with Content Strategy plans for the creation, delivery, and governance of useful, usable content. I work closely with clients to develop a  content strategy before video production begins. Content strategy plans arm clients with defined objectives and goals, create streamlined messaging platforms, improve SEO performance and ultimately increase profit margins.

Simply put, it’s the way forward – it helps both clients and project teams understand what video content is being produced, and why it’s being produced.

So why do clients need content strategy to produce a web video? 

The biggest reason is Content Mismanagement: Many businesses spend thousands of dollars producing an impressive web video only to have it languish on the home page, be seen by a few hundred people, then die in the digital landfill. A content strategy provides a plan and a purpose – which, in the case of the web video, means examining the video’s key themes and messaging, brand integration and long term SEO performance before video production even begins.

The traditional marketing techniques of producing a single promotional video or 30-second ad are not proving as successful as they once did. Consumers are savvy and choosy about where and what they click these days.  The emphasis needs to be put more on helping the customer, rather than influencing the customer.

My niche is content. I have a four step process that eliminates the guesswork, stress, and unnecessary spending and work associated with creating content. I will help my clients in:

1. Analyzing – The open-ended question phase: What content currently exists? What’s missing? Content audit.

2. Planning/Creation – Establishing Key Themes and Messages – establish the target audience, identify values the video embodies, decide what main topics / products are needed on the website. Clients plan for video production over time. Commission where it lives on the website and how does it gets there.

3. Produce –  Your produced video will be shot with state-of-the-art HD DSLR camera kits to produce a rich, cinematic film look with rich color tones, professional crystal clear audio and cutting-edge post-production editing and graphics.

4. Manage  – Time to plan for the future. What happens to the video once it goes live? What metrics will you use to track performance? Who will update it? We’ll make sure you have a plan to make the most of your video content on the web.

Content is king these days and many conversations are taking place. Whether you’re developing a fan page, posting to a blog, or writing an article, you need to make sure your messaging is consistent and engages your audience. You can read more about content strategy at or

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