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I’m so excited! I just purchased a new DSLR rig. I find rigs pretty indispensable these days for shooting video – I usually only have a couple of hours per shoot for my web videos and have to grab a lot of great shots in a very short time. DSLR rigs allow me to cram into tight spaces, get different angles, and  they are smooth! Holding the DSLR alone is not even an option seeing as they are so light – it’s like The Blair Witch Project in terms of shakiness.  One problem. DSLR rigs are pricey. Zacuto rigs are superb, and I’ve thoroughly annoyed the Glazers Camera store crew with the number of times I’ve “demo-ed” it (check out their new “Scorpion” Rig HERE. Ditto for Red Rock brand rigs  – gorgeous, dependable, but damn expensive! My friend down the street who happens to be a fellow video producer turned me on to Ebay’s infamous Gini-2011. This guy is from Korea and sells DSLR rigs for half the price of the competition here. You bid on a rig, and if you’re lucky and no one else bids on it, you get a rig ridiculously cheap. I was lucky. I got a  very basic rig for $199 plus $55 shipping!! I’ve tried them out and they are the real deal: solid, dependable, and you can add on multiple accessories (follow focus, clamps, body arms, etc) Downside: it won’t be here for approx. a month. One more challenge: I did NOT order the counter weight. I know this is an indispensable part of the DSLR rig, but I’m too cheap to shell out $117 plus a large shipping charge for a weight – there’s gotta be another way to add weight to the back of a rig.  I found a few DYI options – one of the best involves a scuba belt weight, which is made of  lead and very easy to drill a hole through to attach to the back of a rig. The description and video tutorial is found on cheesycam.com .

Here’s a picture of me using the Gini-2011 rig to shoot a web workout video – if you’re in the market to buy a new rig and hunting around it’s worth it to check out his ebay store .


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