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Entrepreneurship at North Seattle Community College

Just finished up a three-minute video I produced for North Seattle Community College featuring their Entrepreneurship Program. The video was really a treat to produce. I got the opportunity to sit down and talk with three former students that are now working hard to grow their own business. Being a budding entrepreneur myself, I know just how hard this  is. There’s no safety net, no cheerleaders handing out gold stars, no steady paycheck, and NO regular hours. But the satisfaction of creating your own little entity from scratch cannot be compared. I love the thrill of hustling and getting gigs, creating media from my vision, and connecting with clients and subjects directly. Noel Austin is a designer – his company, DNA, caters to the fashion-savvy punk crowd. Amy Voros is a life-coach – she helps people discover who they want to be, as opposed to who they feel they should be. Roy Comer is a fire prevention specialist who was laid off on the cusp of retirement, entered the Entrepreneurship program as part of the state’s re-training program, and is now successfully working for himself.

You can watch the video below, or if you’re on a mobile device, you can watch it on vimeo at http://vimeo.com/35724674


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